New Release!

The highly anticipated final instalment to the Centrifuge Duet is finally here!

You met Dr. Jaxon Ray in all his evil glory in Amnesia, now it’s time for Xander to testify. 

When everything is based on a lie, can the truth set them free?

Xander Barrett had it all.

Until he fell victim to a dangerous game of cat and mouse and it cost him his life, his lover, and his freedom. 

He thought it was over—that he was doomed to perish in the darkness. A forgotten pawn lost in a cloud of greed and deceit.

Then, an unsavoury proposal promised the escape that he needed. But in order to win, he had to sacrifice his morals and strip himself of all semblance of a conscience. 

Luckily, it was a price he was willing to pay. 

Because when everything is hidden by lies, one man’s testimony can bring the truth to light. 

Attest is part two of the Centrifuge Duet. The first installment, Amnesia must be read first to truly understand the story.

A psychological thriller filled with intrigue, deception, and revenge, Attest will leave you thoroughly disturbed and barely holding onto a fading hope that the good guys might win in the end. Grab your copy of the thrilling conclusion to the Centrifuge Duet today!

**This book was formerly known as Exodus**

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