BEAUTIFUL BLOGGERS – The Centrifuge Duet is being revisited and I need your help!

The Centrifuge Duet is being re-written with extended scenes and new covers (Hint – they are in the accompanying graphic) and I’d appreciate any blogger support I can get. If you have a blog (website, Facebook, Instagram etc.) and can help me, here is the sign up for The Centrifuge Revisited promotional blitz

Hot on the heels of the re-release of Amnesia and Attest, the first anniversary bonus story, Adversary will be releasing on November 14th. If you loved the original Centrifuge Duet, or you are interested in reading the re-vamped versions, I’d love some assistance in spreading the word about Adversary’s release as well. Here is the link to the Adversary, a Centrifuge Duet Bonus Story release blitz.  

I offer my heartfelt thanks in advance for all support offered. As most of you are aware, the past year and a half has been rather difficult for me health-wise and I’m treating the revisiting of The Centrifuge Duet as a comeback of sorts. The release of Amnesia was the pinnacle of my career (which preceded my bad run of illness and surgeries by mere days) and I’d really appreciate your assistance to let everyone know that I’m back <3

Peace, love, and jelly beans.

Kylie x

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