Brawl and the rest of the Black Hearts MMA series has been unpublished. This series is being rewritten and Hooligan, Angelo, and Jen's stories will be republished in 2020 as the Black Hearts Bleeds series.


The first book will be the origin story of Black Hearts MMA featuring Angelo and Maria Carlucci, Hayden Harvie, and Jennifer DeLuca as teenagers. 


“She kissed me.

She kissed the devil.

Only a beautiful soul like hers would kiss the damned.”

~Daniel Saint~

The Carlucci Clan owns Sydney. Drugs. Prostitutes. Weapons. Protection. They have their finger on the pulse of it all. They rule with an iron fist and offer no second chances.

I should know.

I was supposed to be one of them.

If my father hadn’t screwed up his life, I would be the only son of the next Boss, instead I’m spat on whenever I cross paths with anyone who bears my last name. In the shadows, they accept my allegiance. Publicly, I’m the one who pays for my father’s failure.

The price they demand for his mistakes is my soul.

It’s a price I’m happy to pay.

Because it’s my job to keep my little sister’s head above water. My sole goal in life is to make sure she escapes our parents; no matter how low I have to stoop to ensure it happens.

My fists keep her fed. My mouth keeps her safe. My dirty deeds finance her future.

My feet walk a tightrope that could give out beneath me at any moment.

I need to balance it all for one more year.

Once my sister is sixteen, we’re free.

Until then, I’ll keep using my fists and my fury to fight our way out of here; building my own list of sins as I go.  

After all, isn’t sinning what the Devil does best?