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Brotherhood before blood.
It’s that simple.
Until, the brotherhood betrays blood…

On the surface, the Black Shamrocks MC is exactly what an outlaw motorcycle club should be. Unapologetically brutal. Unquestionably ruthless. Unwaveringly loyal.The brotherhood appears rock solid, allied and impenetrable. Their various blood ties only serve as a reminder of the generations of kinship and family that came before them.

Dig a little deeper and the illusion begins to shatter. Beneath a well-cultivated facade of unity, old tensions simmer and new alliances are created. Game plans are being put into action. Legacies are being secured. Deals with the devil are being made.

While these betrayals are being executed with cold efficiency, a new love is born. It’s a love that those undermining the club never saw coming. It’s a love that threatens to derail the upcoming coup. It’s a love that could unite them all and stop evil in its tracks if it’s allowed to prosper.

When those closest to you are plotting your downfall, is it possible for love to conquer all? If the war needed to defeat those responsible could cost you a loved one, would you be willing to pay the price? Unfortunately, the answers don’t matter anymore … because, ready or not, the Black Shamrocks MC is about to be engulfed by BLOOD & BETRAYAL.

WARNING: This series contains triggering content and is not suitable for all readers.

Blood & Betrayal is the complete Black Shamrocks MC series in one handy boxed set. There’s also a tonne of added extra’s – including two novellas that aren’t currently for sale, an extended epilogue that takes place nine months after the end of Finding Nirvana, and an exclusive sneak peek of the first book in the highly anticipated Black Shamrocks MC: First Generation spin-off series.

If you enjoy gritty, authentic, and sexy MC reads, then you’ll love this unique take on MC romance.

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