All’s fair in love and war. That’s what I’d always believed.

Our marriage was built on bonds of honesty and mutual respect. Our son the glue that cemented our perfect union. The possibility of an affair never crossed my mind. Divorce was not in our future.

We were better than that.

Until, I found the text messages. The hotel receipts. Saw that the words “I love you” had been exchanged with increasing regularity. It was a living and breathing cliché. My husband. His secretary. Their desire to push me out of the picture.

I was happy to oblige. A tainted marriage was not for me.

My son was the only thing I had left. He was my reason to get up in the morning. To rebuild my life after the rug had been swept out from beneath my feet. The dark days weren’t quite so bleak because I had my child to brighten them. Until they took him from me.

Money and power were used to strip me of my dignity. Lies and deceit employed to steal my child. They thought I’d lay down and die. That I would be an easy target. They didn’t realise that there are some things a woman just cannot take.

Separation from her child is top of the list. My blood beats within my son. It gives him life. Fuelling him. Nourishing him.

It also sustains my rage. The birth of a child doesn’t simply create new life; it forges an unbreakable bond. A blood oath. A promise that you will always be there for them. That you’d kill to keep them safe which was something my ex-husband was about to learn the hard way. 

Brace yourself for a brand-new romantic thriller from International Bestselling Author, Kylie Hillman.

When Emmaline Averell is forced out of her son’s life after a messy divorce, she’ll stop at nothing to find a way back to him in this thrilling tale of vindication as a mother’s love proves a lethal match against politics, power, and greed.

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