Three years ago, he walked away from their marriage without a word of explanation. So, why is he now begging her to take him back? 

Jennifer De Luca. Finding herself divorced and childless at thirty-eight was never in Jen’s life plan. A big house, three kids, and Angelo; that’s all she ever wanted. Instead, she goes home to an empty apartment and her cat, and cries herself to sleep every night. It’s a pitiful existence—a lonely reality she’s determined to put an end to before her grief completely consumes her.

Angelo Carlucci. The death of his sister was the worst day of his life. Although, the day he walked out on Jen is a close second. At the time, it made sense to leave. His grief was too strong. His breaking point was too close, and there was no way he would subject the love of his life to the carnage.

Turns out that leaving his wife was his biggest mistake. One he’ll do anything to rectify… eventually.

A man’s pride can be his greatest weakness. It can also be his strongest motivation, especially when Angelo sees his ex-wife for the first time in three years and she’s in another man’s arms. The burning need to take back what’s his sets fire to the blood in his veins, incinerating his reticence to finally admit his mistake.

Jen can object as much as she likes.

He walked away once.

It won’t happen a second time.

Execute is the final book in the Black Hearts MMA series by Kylie Hillman. This is a tale of broken hearts and second chances that will prove that the heart wants what it wants ... and age is nothing but a number. 

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