With the release of the Black Shamrocks MC: First Generation series, I seem to be getting more emails about reading orders of my series, due dates, and other quick queries so here goes… I hope this clears up everyone’s questions.

1, The original Black Shamrocks MC series doesn’t need to be read first to understand the First Generation series, however the first gen series does contain a few minor spoilers.

2, The reading order for the original Black Shamrocks MC series is as follows:

Craving Control (can be read as a standalone or as the first book in the series – it does contain spoilers to Seizing Control, however it is told 100% from the villain’s POV so how he sees events isn’t how everyone else does)

Soothing Suffering (free)
Seizing Control 
Making Choices 
Seeking Redemption 
Conquering Circumstances (free) 
Tempting Fate
Finding Nirvana

3, The reading order for Black Shamrocks MC: First Generation series is:

Alanah (coming soon)
Lenny (coming soon) 
Bonnie (coming soon) 
Beast (coming soon)

You will notice that I have removed Doc’s story and added two further books. Alanah and Bonnie were originally the novella’s Renaissance and Rendezvous, but they are now full-length stories.

In the current PC call-out climate, I am not comfortable writing Doc’s story as he is part-aboriginal and to stay true to the culture back in the 80s and 90s means that I would have to use terms that would be considered (and are) derogatory nowadays.

There’s also the issue of MC’s back then not allowing anyone other than “whites” to join and since this was a huge part of his story line (and the reason why he is not a member in the original series even though they constantly call on him to fix their injuries), I’ve decided that now is not the time to write it. There’s a huge risk of me as a white author being accused of being racist due to my characters actions and since I’m not a fan of drama, I’ve decided after consulting my agent that it is better to pull his story.

4, The original Black Shamrocks MC series will be getting further books. At this stage, I have outlines for Kyle, Lachie, and Matty’s stories and I have a feeling that the original characters might want another turn as I go along. Time will tell, but I can confirm that there will be another three books coming next year.

5, The Centrifuge Duet has been pulled as eBooks and I’ve cancelled the release of Adversary. The paperbacks are still available and will remain available. I am currently re-writing the series as one HUGE story from Jax, Amber, Xander, and Belinda’s POV and anticipate releasing it in December 2019/January 2020. It will be a $0.99 release so I don’t gouge readers who purchased the original series. It will also be the first release under the pen name I’m establishing for my thrillers – K. Hillman.

I wrote the duet when I was really sick and I’ve never been 100% happy with it so I hope you can understand why I’ve taken such extreme action. It’s also never really sold well and I believe that’s for two reasons – one being that it’s a genre I’m not known for and number two being that I rushed the end of Amnesia and all of Attest (neither book is indicative of my writing skills).

6, I have received great news about Blood Oath, but I can’t share it yet. Rest assured you guys will be the first to know all the details when I can share them. Two things I can say – it will release either late 2019 or early 2020 and it will also be under my K. Hillman pen name.

7, The Black Hearts MMA series has been designed to be read as inter-connected standalones. This means each book is a complete story without a cliff-hanger and the series does not need to be read in order. The time-lines will overlap and sometimes jump ahead and backwards when compared to the other stories because they do not run con-currently. At the moment, this series does not have an audio deal (there was one but it fell through due to the age gap between Hooligan and Gabbi), however my agent has her feelers out.

Should you wish to read these books in order, this is what I suggest:


Okay… so I think that covers the main questions I keep getting asked. Please comment below if I’ve missed anything.

Love, peace, and jelly beans,

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