Kylie’s Kontemplations #1

So, this month just gone… wow! What can I say? Highs and lows, ups and downs, bad and good, September had all that and so much more.

The month started off really well. I finally got back into the swing of things—reading, writing, designing graphics, and making plans for all the new books I want to give to you.

I was also approved for a new Crohn’s med, and the first two doses went perfectly. I tolerated them and felt an instant improvement in my symptoms. Until I had my third dose and my body decided that I did indeed have antibodies from the last time I had this med (way back in 2014) and I ended up with drug-induced rheumatoid arthritis. It started in my right wrist, then spread to my knees and hips. As usual, I decided that I was tougher than what ailed me and let it go on a little too long before I reached out to my gastroenterologist. Some stern words from Mick may have been involved before I saw sense lol and I’m now back on high doses of Prednisolone—aka the devil’s tic-tacs. Mood swings, weight gain, fluid retention, and the inability to concentrate have hit hard, and as usual, all my best laid plans have been sent up in smoke.

It wasn’t all bad, though. We finally purchased six gorgeous little calves for our acreage. Mr. Pedantic continued to kill it at tumbling. He’s now the Under 15 Novice State Tumbling Champion. Mini-me finished her first season playing netball with a hard-fought win in the grand final for her team to end the year as Under 11, Div. 4 champions.

Refusing to pose. Meet Dotty, Daisy, Red Girl, Susie, Florence, and Boo.

In true up and down fashion, the month drew to a close with a huge tragedy for our family.

One of mine and Mick’s oldest friends—someone who had literally been there from almost day one of our relationship—took his own life. He was thirty-three, with his entire life ahead of him. A caring, fun, warm person who will be sorely missed. The current state of society, especially the rate of suicides within the male population has been something that worried me for a long time. After Nathan’s passing, I’ve decided that I want to do whatever I can to minimise the chances of any other family and friends feeling the way Mick and I have (and Nathan’s family and other friends) over the past two weeks. This is my pledge that I will be using my platform to promote awareness of the dysfunction that permeates our society and drives our youth and young adults to believe that suicide is the only answer.

With statistics stating that over 65,000 people try to take their lives in Australia each year, there is a severe need for more to be done. I hope you’ll help me on this journey by sharing your own stories, assisting me to spread the word about the services that are available, learn where gaps in assistance remain, and by being open and available to those in your own life who might be hiding their struggles.

Here’s hoping that October brings a more placid tone and I can finally release the new books I have planned for you.

Watch this space…

Love, peace, and jelly beans.

Kylie x 

Mr. Pedantic – U/15 State Novice Tumbling Champion and Mini Me – U/11 Div. 4 Mid Hills Netball Assoc. Premier Player

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