My email marketing service is being a shit and refuses to save my email draft so I can send it to you all so FOR THIS WEEK ONLY *EVERYONE* (Ultimate Insider or not) can read Rough Mix on my website.

I have two day’s of doctor’s appointments coming up which means I won’t be able to contact my provider to get them to fix the issue until Thursday (April 11th). Once it’s sorted, I’ll send it to your inboxes as well. Please help me spread the word so I’m not inundated with emails, PMs, and comments about missing another week of Rough Mix <3

It’s a universal tale.

Two kids from the wrong side of the tracks head to LA to make it big.

Drugs, sex, and rock n roll-it’s the dream of too many to count.

Five years later, and their band, Miscreant Mischief, is barely a blip on the scene and not much else has gone to plan. Sure, the drugs are abundant, and the sex is plentiful, but the promised rock n roll has been traded for shitty gigs in seedy clubs for little pay.

Her head tells her to go home. His heart swears their big break is just around the corner.

One chance encounter with a music mogul from her past and an underhanded deal made behind her back later, and they’re set on the path to stardom.

Their career is about to catch fire.

Pity his secret could send all their hard work up in flames.

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